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Seriously everyone I want to apologize for being gone so long… But we have alot going on! Some good news… The next like 3 years will be nothing but dedicated to this, and everything Kyodai. Sooooo soooo much more to come! Me and my brother are finally getting settled in and its all working out nicely!

So make ammends for not doing anything recently, here’s a nice wallpaper of Akushu Kenshiro from the Kyodai saga, Reverence Lost.

Actually this is just a badass preview of the wallpaper, the full 1098 X 780 version can be found here…

And the here’s version 2, a special edit that I added just because I love Misery Signals sooooo much!

Here’s to much more… And so much that has passed.


The old banner…

Welcome to Andaryu’s new Update Blog!

Hello everyone! If you made it to this page from My Space, or if I told you about it then you can definatly expect alot more from me and Sean, especially on Kyodai.

Here you find original content that Kenshiro and I have created! Updated daily, with each update we include new information on our several Manga projects. And yes, this includes artwork!

We are going to start with our other series’, showing how far we have come, especially after working on so many.

We will either start with that series, or my original series that started it all

‘Remnants of Chaos’. Its going to be great! Hope everyone likes the new setup. >_>

Moving Blogs and Tranfering everything:

Before we get started on any of our new projects, we plan on moving all of the previous Kyodai content that is avalible on My Space. That is where the Update Blogs originated in the first place, but the transistion may take some time.

This is to a future of Kyodai! Bear with us during this change O_O

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The future of Kyodai, Updates and More!

After finally getting used to WordPress myself, we have alot in store for Kyodai. The easy navigation makes for instant access to any parts of the story or any character, just by one click!

So, I’m going to revamp the character type updates that everyone was so used to on Myspace. I’m going to make them more about the characters personality and fight styles, other than just there part in the story at that time.

That will be for the story part! It all works out!

So this means when I move all the Myspace over, there will be new content! Along with new banners, and even artwork.

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Kyodai Story 1: Gaiden

(Gaiden = this is the name of the first saga)

Kyodai begins with a peaceful planet very similar to earth. The planet, named Aria, is the world in which all the further events will take place. The story is about two brothers, who become close, part ways, and then become eternal. Asayamoto Kenshiro and Asayamoto Andaryu are two young boys who live in seperate villages.

The young Immortals know nothing of there god-like heritage, and dont even know they even have a real brother. They both leave there home town in search of freedom and experience. Kenshiro finds this perfect hill on his quest, a hill secluded in the middle of the forest, with a large lake right next to it. The lake was named Dane’s Lake, per Kenshiro.

Young Kenshiro began to live there, and even built a small cabin right on the hill. Andaryu, who had left his village later, had then found Kenshiro’s little cabin. The two instantly became rivals, and then into best friends. Little did they know… They were actually brothers in reality.

The two Immortals had there own swords that there foster parents gave to them when they became of age. The two fought fiercly everyday, Andaryu had eventually moved in to his little house. After many years of growing up pass, the two decide to search for more in this mysterious and magical world. They both agree on meeting back up at the cabin in
three years time.

Kenshiro eventually becomes head student at Gentatsu temple…

Andaryu takes to the city life to be a professional bounty hunter…

The two spend there time growing, and truly becoming one with themselves and there swords from the gods. Nearly three years pass, and the moment of reunion was soon to approach.

The time had come, and sure enough three years later, the graduation day for Kenshiro at Gentatsu temple was on the same day. Andaryu, who had went on a holy quest to find an ancient weapon, had just returned from his journey.
He traveled to Dane’s lake and waited for a little bit, but then decided on finding Kenshiro himself. He felt he could sense his brother… It was like an invisible bond that could never be broken.

As soon as Kenshiro had walked out of the temple with the Gentatsu family Katana in hand, Andaryu stepped out from behind a tree… showing that he too, had obtained a katana along with his god-sword.

The two talked about everything that happened…

Kenshiro describing his vigirous training at Gentatsu, and even the battle he had against it’s master. The battle had ended in Kenshiro winning, and proving that he was worthy of the sword.

Andaryu then told his friend how he obtained his katana, the Umarikuwari. The ancient weapon was used years ago in a holy war and had become a symbol of peace and prosperity. The sword was the end of the war, and it was forever hidden, waiting for the savior to come if war broke out again. Andaryu became this savior, and was forever known as the ‘Savior of Fate’.

Andaryu then told Kenshiro that he had fallen in love with a girl he met in the city, Kareru. And right before the two parted once again, Kenshiro told Andaryu he was going off to Valhalla to participate in this “War of the Gods”. The two smiled, and knew that they would see each other again soon…

Note: This is the beginning, and is contiued in the Character profiles for Andaryu and then Kenshiro. Kyodai is divided by the two main characters, and as they part ways, the story has two sides.

After that, there will be a Gaiden part 2.

“A tale of gods, swords, and broken bonds”

Kyodai Character: Kenshiro (with weapons)

Link to Larger image: Kenshiro – Portrait

Asayamoto Kenshiro

Kenshiro is brought up and raised by his foster parents, Ai and Norukaze (Ai being his mother and Norukaze the latter), in a place called Forzuna, a small village next to a vast valley where a small temple resides. Kenshiro lives peacefully there, assuming the tasks as any other little boy, till one fateful winter night when Ai tells him they are not his real parents, give him the God-Sword Ryukugen, and tell him it’s his fate to leave the village. Kenshiro loved these people very much… but knew he was destined for so much more.
From there he explores the world, crossing over treacherous mountains and through all sorts of muck and decaying woodlands, fighting bandits in the like on his journey, till he finds himself at an enormous lake, the water so crystal clear that on some very sunny days it seemed as though a beacon shone from it’s surface. This place’s beauty mesmerized Kenshiro and he decided this was where he’d stay. Although he’s only about 14, he manages to build himself a cozy little shack out of the trees and wilderness… stuff. About a month goes by when suddenly a certain someone stumbles into Kenshiro’s neck of the woods: another young boy by the name of Andaryu.

The instant the two boys meet they become friends and rivals. They fight and do… other things, such as: fish, train, sleep (especially the young Andi), and well, fight… um… Oh, they have all these sorts of challenges with each other, like who can run up the side of trees to the very top, and let me tell you, these trees are biiiiig… it’s all very Naruto-ish.

After so long, Kenshiro finds himself becoming restless again. Something invisible pulls at him, along with vivid dreams of a life somewhere else, the most beautiful place he’d ever seen. It becomes such a burden in his mind that he finally decides to leave again and continue his journey. As Kenshiro and Andaryu part for the first time, Kenshiro stops and turns one last time to this place of so many fond memories, where he felt more at home then anywhere in his life, with this stranger he’d come to love as his brother… and he proclaimed that this place was Dane’s Lake. Andaryu questioned it’s meaning… but that’s all to be explained later.

So, once more Kenshiro begins his search for meaning, but he didn’t go far before he’d realized he’d backtracked and arrived at this small, temple Gentatsu. He remained in the trees for many days, watching the daily activities of these disciplined people. They trained vigorously day in and day out… it didn’t take long before Kenshiro decided this was what he wanted… he was going to become strong. Strong enough to never have to feel pain again…

Weeks turn to months and months become years… Kenshiro is the star pupil of Gentatsu and second hand man to the temple’s Sensei, who is also named Gentatsu… which is also the name of the katana the master of the temple wields.

One day, Gentatsu greets the whole of the temple with a disturbing message. Gentatsu declared that he would pass on shortly and the temple’s successor would be chosen before the full moon falls this night.

“This night will be my last… You are all my family and I cherish the time I spent with each of you. But tonight… one of you will strike me down.”

The next few hours of Kenshiro’s life seemed like an eternity. Each disciple of the temple was sent to their rooms until they were called to the Great Hall to speak to Gentatsu. It seemed like an interrogation, and for some reason, Kenshiro felt as if his heart would explode when his door slowly slid open, revealing the sullen face of his master…
After their conversation, Kenshiro was sent back to his room and Gentatsu proceeded to the other rooms. Countless hours passed… night began to fall.

Everyone was finally released and moved into the courtyard, where a platform was erected. Gentatsu stood in the middle of the stage, staring down into the crowd of his followers with a warm, glowing smile, and slowly, his hand rose and summoned the young Kenshiro besides him on the stage.

A battle commenced. Kenshiro was granted the Gentatsu, his master’s blade, and if he were to strike Gentatsu even once, he was his true successor. It all lasted no more than five minutes… and in the end, the blade pierced through its former master’s chest.
Two days later Gentatsu’s funeral was held and at the same time, Kenshiro was inducted as the new master of the Temple Gentatsu. This just so happened to be the day Andaryu and himself had promised to meet back at Dane’s Lake…

But, on his deathbed, Gentatsu described a place above the clouds where an epic war was taking place. A continent floating in the sky where the gods raged… Valhalla. Gentatsu told him to go there and seek his fate and become stronger. Kenshiro watched as Gentatsu’s eyes closed for the last time. Heavy hearted and tearful, Kenshiro stood before the crowd of disciples. Something bitter tore at his soul… he gritted his teeth and turned away from them, laying the blade of Gentatsu on his master’s chest as he walked off and into the woods. Though someone was waiting for him just beyond the trees…

BTW: Kenshiro and Andaryu are 18 / 17 at this time…

Link to larger image:Kenshiro – at Gentatsu’s grave

Here is another one of Kenshiro, one of my favorites done by Kenshiro ^_^

Link to larger image: Kenshiro – With Gentatsu’s katana, the Gentatsu

Kenshiro’s weapon(s): Ryukugen
Meaning ‘Nine Dragon Strings’

This was Tentaimaru’s sword that was passed from Kenshiro’s foster parents to him at the young age of 8. This curved long sword emits a brilliant shining aura of dark blue when Kenshiro finds himself pushed to his limits. The sword is usually hanging off his right shoulder, and is mostly for the most dire of situations…

Kenshiro’s weapon(s): Gentatsu
Meaning ‘Illusion Dragon’

The katana granted to Kenshiro after he had slain his master. He cherishes the sword, fore within lies the spirits of the fallen masters of the Temple Gentatsu. The sword never leaves Kenshiro’s left shoulder and is his primary weapon.

Remnants of Chaos; a glimpse

One of the featured series we plan to open with, RoC (Remnants of Chaos) goes back to my roots, being the very first series I ever created. It was never really intended to be a manga, originally it was going to be a game.

But about eight years later, its definatly going to be a manga! This one is also done exclusivily by me, I actually didnt know Sean when I made it so long ago… :P

Well here’s a few logos it has had, I’m not sure if I should keep them or just start over.

Link to larger image:  Remnants of Chaos Logo – Design 1 

Something new about Wordpress that I must make a note of…

Any images you see will be small. Do not actually click the image if you want to see it bigger.

I will provide you with a link right below it!

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This is access to all of my images at full strength!

Please dont forget to credit me if your using it for anything. Thank you.

Link to larger image:  RoC logo design 2

The series itself centered on a corrupted world that is taken over by darkness. Light must shine through in the hero’s chosen by the very planet itself… But maybe it was all just a set up, for darkness to find it’s strongest victims.

More coming soon!

Kyodai Character: Andaryu (with weapons)

Asayamoto Andaryu

Andaryu, the younger of the two brothers, starts his journey out in the city of Venholt. After the two brothers leave Dane’s Lake, Andaryu learns of this large city of magic, not too far from his homeland.

He bids his farewell to Kenshiro, and travels to this city to become a bounty hunter. Carring his god-sword, the Yugurega, Andaryu fights crimials and wanted men to make a living. On one of his hunts, he learns about this ancient weapon that holds unfathomable power… the Shukumo Umarikuwari. This legendary katana was said to stop the magic wars thousands of years ago, and it was sealed in an underground temple to protect it. Andaryu sought the blade of Fates, and learned of its ‘true’ legend. The Umarikuwari was said to bring out the Savior of Fate, the one that would stop the future wars of the gods.

Of course, Andaryu obtained this katana, after traversing through the temples dangerous traps and puzzles.

With this blade, his job of hunting became cake. This young warrior had not only a sword from the gods, but a holy katana that was said to halt wars. Andaryu decided that this life was too simple for him… so he decided to take one last hunt.

This time, he went for the most notorious of them all. Andaryu easily took him down, and found a girl about his age, shivering and crying in the alleyway. He simply walked over to her, her cold face covered in tears. Valiantly holding out his hand to her, the second she looked into his eyes they fell in love.

Years apon leaving the city of Venholt, Andaryu and Kareru had become unseperable. Andaryu’s time to reunite with Kenshiro had come, and so, the two meet up again, right after Kenshiro had graduated from Gentatsu Temple. Kenshiro then learns of Valhalla, the War of the Gods, is taking place on a floating continent and could very well decide the fate of Aria.  The young Immortal decides to go to this War, and of course, Andaryu decided to go with him. The two were newcomers to this War, and the Gods simply looked down on these two. How could mortals even make it up here? They all pondered…

Kenshiro became a star in this War of the Gods, quickly making his way up in the ranks. The leading clan in the war, the Pheonix, sent him an invitation to join them. Andaryu, quickly learning this was not his place, put down his arms and told his brother he was going back to the city, and back to his love. Kenshiro smiled, and told him to take the cabin back on Dane’s Lake.

The two parted once again… but for some reason, they both knew that they would see each other again, even if it was in the after life.

~ Years and Years pass

Kenshiro continues to fight in the war, and Andaryu becomes a protecter of peace while living at Dane’s Lake with Kareru, who is now pregnant. Kareru even becomes master of a dojo called Zakura temple, which was built on the other side of Venholt.

One day, Andaryu noticed a man simply standing by the large lake outside of his cabin. He quickly ran out there to see who it was, grabbing his two weapons just in case. “Who are you?” Andaryu shouted at the man. The second the figure turned around, his terrifing gaze struck Andaryu at his core. This man was a god, and he was overflowing with an endless ammount of power.

“What do you know of the sword you hold in those hands, young Andaryu..”

Something about this man simply amazed Andaryu, he was so graceful, just the way he stood there. “What do I know about this sword? Well, all I can say is after twenty years of wielding it, Ive never heard it scream so loud.”
Andaryu charged him full force, bringing the mighty Yugurega down on him, the blade’s edge screaming it’s name. The blow was stopped meters away from it’s target, and all the man did was take a deep breath and Andaryu was blown miles high into the wide open sky.

After agreeing that this man was levels and levels stronger than he was, Andaryu decided that this man definatly knew something that he didnt know. Andaryu laid down his arms and kneeled before this man, showing him that he honored his strength. The man told him to stand, and that he was Andaryu’s real uncle.

The man told him that his parents in the village he was born were simply foster parents, and his real father, Tentaimaru, was actually a God in the past. Tentaimaru was one of the very first Immortals, a race of Gods that wield nearly unlimited power, never really age, and change forms when something drastic happens in there life.

The god-sword Andaryu wielded, The Yugurega, was actually one of Tentaimaru’s swords, and his father decided that his two sons would take two of his swords. “Two sons?” Andaryu studdered back to this man. “Yes, you have a brother Andaryu, and he is too, an Immortal.” Andaryu’s mind was instantly blown, and no wonder he was about 23 and he still felt and looked the same after seven years. “So… where is this brother of mine? Is he still alive?”

“Your father perished long ago Andaryu, but your brother is only a year older than you… and you know him well.”

Andaryu’s eyes widened and he instantly lost his breath. “T-this cant be real… how?”

“Kenshiro… My brother.”

And of course, with that, the man took his leave. He told Andaryu he had been watching over them, and that both of there lives were about to become something that they would never forget. They were just getting started, and in the end, he would stand there with them.

“I am Saifa, young Andaryu… Me and your father were the first two Immortals, and you two will be the last.”

Andaryu smiled as Saifa vanished into the trees, and all he could think about was Kenshiro, and his child that was due in only a few weeks.

Okay! Andaryu’s summary is done! I know that was long but its still not even half way over… theres alot left to tell! The rest of this summary will be explained in the next Story update, but I’ll go ahead and let you all know Andaryu actually ends up having three kids total!

These are all pictures that occur at this time and in the near future. Andaryu FTW! :P

Andaryu’s Weapon(s): Yugurega
Meaning ‘Twilight Fang’

The god-sword Yugurega was an heirloom given to Andaryu by his real father, Lord Tentaimaru. Just like how Kenshiro obtain the Ryukugen, the two brothers wield there swords with honor and devotion. The Yugurega is a large blade that Andaryu carries on his back, and only pulls it out when he faces a worthy foe.

The sword releases a white, smoke-like form of energy when Andaryu uses it in battle. The sword is truly one with Andaryu, and when the sword takes damage Andaryu can even hear it’s scream.

Andaryu’s Weapon(s): Shukumo Umarikuwari
Meaning ‘Fate’s Reincarnation’

Andaryu obtains a powerful katana on his own, just as Kenshiro does at Gentatsu. He uses the ancient weapon in conjunction with his cleaver, combining speed with power. The Umarikuwari is a much faster weapon, and its energy is a bright blue.

Andaryu keeps the katana at his side, and usually uses it at the beginning of a battle to test his opponents power. The young Immortal even mixes the energys of the two weapons together to form a deadly wave of eradication and death. Yeah! Yeah!