Introduction to Reunion~

Download link:, Part 1 – Kyodai (Revised Version).rtf

Now I’m going to show everyone a little bit of what we’ve been working on. I know its been awhile everyone, but this is what we have to show.

Keep in mind that this takes place right after Andaryu was reborn as Sousei, and he is seeking out revenge by chasing Jajuka down… The killer of himself and his love.

Profile # 1 – Sousei Andaryu

The reborn Savior of Fate, Asayamoto Andaryu. Ascending into his first form, called ‘Sousei’, Andaryu completely mastered the arts of elements of Dyne.

Wielding the massive cleaver known as the Akusurea (Blakin’s own sword), The Immortal seeks venege upon is killer… The exile, known as Jajuka.

AkusureaMeaning Evil Slayer

Andaryu also carries around another weapon, known as the Gesshoku.

GesshokuMeaning Eclipse

This silver katana is the very soul of Anion, Andaryu’s Dyne pact beast. The winged god of silver solitified into this very blade… To use at Andaryu’s convience. However… The blade can only be used once. Once that single attack is unleased, it is said that Hel will occur opon Aria’s groung.

After that use, the sword crumbles away in Andaryu’s hands.

Profile # 2 – Jajuka

Jajuka and Andaryu actually encounter at the beginning of Reunion, and that is what part 1 is all about. (Link above! Be sure to read that rp guys!)

Andaryu and Jajuka fight, this is what the exile looks like while they fight on the ancient city’s rooftops.

And of course, he has a new spear. Remember how Jajuka took the broken shards of Andaryu’s Shukumo Umarikuwari? Well he crafted them into a new spear. Merging his own dark magic with the Shukumo’s blue fire… The weapon he had now was stronger than even a god sword. Well at least… Thats what Jajuka thought.

ChimagatmaMeaningBlood Coma-shaped Jewels

Yeah he even flips it around, using the blunt end as a casting rod. Jajuka and his mighty magic…
Well Jajuka also has another weapon here. Remember how the Umarikuwari had a long black sheeth? Jajuka took that as well, tied to his arm, the sheath was attached as a sort of gauntlet.

Umarikuwari’s SheathJajuka’s Secondary Weapon

The fight… Well I’ll just say this. Bank.

Profile # 3 – Rei Kenshiro Senshi

Kenshiro had been reborn as well, himself… a pure legend. The Immortal had become a true Immortal, his weapons, the Ryukugen and the Gentatsu, changing even drastically with him.

Rei intervenes in the Andaryu and Jajuka fight… But in part 2, Reunion actually truly starts.

Rei Vs. Sousei.

Oh yeah.

Kenshiro’s Rryukugen transformed into the Ryukujihiken. This sword of both the Immortals and of the Pheonix… Truly a god sword.

RyukujihikenMeaning Nine Dragon Gods

See that thing on Rei’s back in the very first picture at the top of the page? Oh yeah, thats the Gentatsu. Remember that thing? Yeah. Now? It will devour your soul.

GentatsuRei’s Version

Oh? You were especting another awesome picture? Well thats next week, along with actual manga panels from the Reunion part of Kyodai.

:) Like it so far?

~Andaryu [October 3, 2007]


4 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Hey!
    Ryan finally stopped being a pric and let me on! I can’t wait to read everything! Your right this site is much easier for you’ll to work with. Can’t wait!

  2. Nice job with the new banner. Its pretty badass. I’m waiting for you to post some new stuff. Well I’m gonna go play with Gage :)

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