I know it’s been awhile…

Seriously everyone I want to apologize for being gone so long… But we have alot going on! Some good news… The next like 3 years will be nothing but dedicated to this, and everything Kyodai. Sooooo soooo much more to come! Me and my brother are finally getting settled in and its all working out nicely!

So make ammends for not doing anything recently, here’s a nice wallpaper of Akushu Kenshiro from the Kyodai saga, Reverence Lost.

Actually this is just a badass preview of the wallpaper, the full 1098 X 780 version can be found here…

And the here’s version 2, a special edit that I added just because I love Misery Signals sooooo much!

Here’s to much more… And so much that has passed.


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