The old banner…

Welcome to Andaryu’s new Update Blog!

Hello everyone! If you made it to this page from My Space, or if I told you about it then you can definatly expect alot more from me and Sean, especially on Kyodai.

Here you find original content that Kenshiro and I have created! Updated daily, with each update we include new information on our several Manga projects. And yes, this includes artwork!

We are going to start with our other series’, showing how far we have come, especially after working on so many.

We will either start with that series, or my original series that started it all

‘Remnants of Chaos’. Its going to be great! Hope everyone likes the new setup. >_>

Moving Blogs and Tranfering everything:

Before we get started on any of our new projects, we plan on moving all of the previous Kyodai content that is avalible on My Space. That is where the Update Blogs originated in the first place, but the transistion may take some time.

This is to a future of Kyodai! Bear with us during this change O_O

Using our new Blog, understanding how it works:

This is all thanks to WordPress, a blog site that allows you to host free blogs with much more customizing features than My Space has. From now on, this is where all of the new Andaryu / Kenshiro things will be.

Its very easy to use! At the side of every page, on the left, is a ‘Categories’ tab that gives you direct link to all the updates out. Each series is divided into sub-category types, much like how I did it on My Space.

Please dont forget that you can comment any blog update! Please do this! I know it is a little different than My Space, but I would appreciate the feedback. If your a hardcore fan that I know, put your NAH name even. Anything to say ‘Hey Andi! Its me!’ >_> lol

Differences between Topics and Pages:

The greatest thing about the new blog is this unqiue feature. Basically, you will start on a Page (this one) and you can view the newest blog by clicking the ‘New Updates’ tab just next to the page listings..


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