Kyodai Story 1: Gaiden

(Gaiden = this is the name of the first saga)

Kyodai begins with a peaceful planet very similar to earth. The planet, named Aria, is the world in which all the further events will take place. The story is about two brothers, who become close, part ways, and then become eternal. Asayamoto Kenshiro and Asayamoto Andaryu are two young boys who live in seperate villages.

The young Immortals know nothing of there god-like heritage, and dont even know they even have a real brother. They both leave there home town in search of freedom and experience. Kenshiro finds this perfect hill on his quest, a hill secluded in the middle of the forest, with a large lake right next to it. The lake was named Dane’s Lake, per Kenshiro.

Young Kenshiro began to live there, and even built a small cabin right on the hill. Andaryu, who had left his village later, had then found Kenshiro’s little cabin. The two instantly became rivals, and then into best friends. Little did they know… They were actually brothers in reality.

The two Immortals had there own swords that there foster parents gave to them when they became of age. The two fought fiercly everyday, Andaryu had eventually moved in to his little house. After many years of growing up pass, the two decide to search for more in this mysterious and magical world. They both agree on meeting back up at the cabin in
three years time.

Kenshiro eventually becomes head student at Gentatsu temple…

Andaryu takes to the city life to be a professional bounty hunter…

The two spend there time growing, and truly becoming one with themselves and there swords from the gods. Nearly three years pass, and the moment of reunion was soon to approach.

The time had come, and sure enough three years later, the graduation day for Kenshiro at Gentatsu temple was on the same day. Andaryu, who had went on a holy quest to find an ancient weapon, had just returned from his journey.
He traveled to Dane’s lake and waited for a little bit, but then decided on finding Kenshiro himself. He felt he could sense his brother… It was like an invisible bond that could never be broken.

As soon as Kenshiro had walked out of the temple with the Gentatsu family Katana in hand, Andaryu stepped out from behind a tree… showing that he too, had obtained a katana along with his god-sword.

The two talked about everything that happened…

Kenshiro describing his vigirous training at Gentatsu, and even the battle he had against it’s master. The battle had ended in Kenshiro winning, and proving that he was worthy of the sword.

Andaryu then told his friend how he obtained his katana, the Umarikuwari. The ancient weapon was used years ago in a holy war and had become a symbol of peace and prosperity. The sword was the end of the war, and it was forever hidden, waiting for the savior to come if war broke out again. Andaryu became this savior, and was forever known as the ‘Savior of Fate’.

Andaryu then told Kenshiro that he had fallen in love with a girl he met in the city, Kareru. And right before the two parted once again, Kenshiro told Andaryu he was going off to Valhalla to participate in this “War of the Gods”. The two smiled, and knew that they would see each other again soon…

Note: This is the beginning, and is contiued in the Character profiles for Andaryu and then Kenshiro. Kyodai is divided by the two main characters, and as they part ways, the story has two sides.

After that, there will be a Gaiden part 2.

“A tale of gods, swords, and broken bonds”


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