Kyodai Character: Kenshiro (with weapons)

Link to Larger image: Kenshiro – Portrait

Asayamoto Kenshiro

Kenshiro is brought up and raised by his foster parents, Ai and Norukaze (Ai being his mother and Norukaze the latter), in a place called Forzuna, a small village next to a vast valley where a small temple resides. Kenshiro lives peacefully there, assuming the tasks as any other little boy, till one fateful winter night when Ai tells him they are not his real parents, give him the God-Sword Ryukugen, and tell him it’s his fate to leave the village. Kenshiro loved these people very much… but knew he was destined for so much more.
From there he explores the world, crossing over treacherous mountains and through all sorts of muck and decaying woodlands, fighting bandits in the like on his journey, till he finds himself at an enormous lake, the water so crystal clear that on some very sunny days it seemed as though a beacon shone from it’s surface. This place’s beauty mesmerized Kenshiro and he decided this was where he’d stay. Although he’s only about 14, he manages to build himself a cozy little shack out of the trees and wilderness… stuff. About a month goes by when suddenly a certain someone stumbles into Kenshiro’s neck of the woods: another young boy by the name of Andaryu.

The instant the two boys meet they become friends and rivals. They fight and do… other things, such as: fish, train, sleep (especially the young Andi), and well, fight… um… Oh, they have all these sorts of challenges with each other, like who can run up the side of trees to the very top, and let me tell you, these trees are biiiiig… it’s all very Naruto-ish.

After so long, Kenshiro finds himself becoming restless again. Something invisible pulls at him, along with vivid dreams of a life somewhere else, the most beautiful place he’d ever seen. It becomes such a burden in his mind that he finally decides to leave again and continue his journey. As Kenshiro and Andaryu part for the first time, Kenshiro stops and turns one last time to this place of so many fond memories, where he felt more at home then anywhere in his life, with this stranger he’d come to love as his brother… and he proclaimed that this place was Dane’s Lake. Andaryu questioned it’s meaning… but that’s all to be explained later.

So, once more Kenshiro begins his search for meaning, but he didn’t go far before he’d realized he’d backtracked and arrived at this small, temple Gentatsu. He remained in the trees for many days, watching the daily activities of these disciplined people. They trained vigorously day in and day out… it didn’t take long before Kenshiro decided this was what he wanted… he was going to become strong. Strong enough to never have to feel pain again…

Weeks turn to months and months become years… Kenshiro is the star pupil of Gentatsu and second hand man to the temple’s Sensei, who is also named Gentatsu… which is also the name of the katana the master of the temple wields.

One day, Gentatsu greets the whole of the temple with a disturbing message. Gentatsu declared that he would pass on shortly and the temple’s successor would be chosen before the full moon falls this night.

“This night will be my last… You are all my family and I cherish the time I spent with each of you. But tonight… one of you will strike me down.”

The next few hours of Kenshiro’s life seemed like an eternity. Each disciple of the temple was sent to their rooms until they were called to the Great Hall to speak to Gentatsu. It seemed like an interrogation, and for some reason, Kenshiro felt as if his heart would explode when his door slowly slid open, revealing the sullen face of his master…
After their conversation, Kenshiro was sent back to his room and Gentatsu proceeded to the other rooms. Countless hours passed… night began to fall.

Everyone was finally released and moved into the courtyard, where a platform was erected. Gentatsu stood in the middle of the stage, staring down into the crowd of his followers with a warm, glowing smile, and slowly, his hand rose and summoned the young Kenshiro besides him on the stage.

A battle commenced. Kenshiro was granted the Gentatsu, his master’s blade, and if he were to strike Gentatsu even once, he was his true successor. It all lasted no more than five minutes… and in the end, the blade pierced through its former master’s chest.
Two days later Gentatsu’s funeral was held and at the same time, Kenshiro was inducted as the new master of the Temple Gentatsu. This just so happened to be the day Andaryu and himself had promised to meet back at Dane’s Lake…

But, on his deathbed, Gentatsu described a place above the clouds where an epic war was taking place. A continent floating in the sky where the gods raged… Valhalla. Gentatsu told him to go there and seek his fate and become stronger. Kenshiro watched as Gentatsu’s eyes closed for the last time. Heavy hearted and tearful, Kenshiro stood before the crowd of disciples. Something bitter tore at his soul… he gritted his teeth and turned away from them, laying the blade of Gentatsu on his master’s chest as he walked off and into the woods. Though someone was waiting for him just beyond the trees…

BTW: Kenshiro and Andaryu are 18 / 17 at this time…

Link to larger image:Kenshiro – at Gentatsu’s grave

Here is another one of Kenshiro, one of my favorites done by Kenshiro ^_^

Link to larger image: Kenshiro – With Gentatsu’s katana, the Gentatsu

Kenshiro’s weapon(s): Ryukugen
Meaning ‘Nine Dragon Strings’

This was Tentaimaru’s sword that was passed from Kenshiro’s foster parents to him at the young age of 8. This curved long sword emits a brilliant shining aura of dark blue when Kenshiro finds himself pushed to his limits. The sword is usually hanging off his right shoulder, and is mostly for the most dire of situations…

Kenshiro’s weapon(s): Gentatsu
Meaning ‘Illusion Dragon’

The katana granted to Kenshiro after he had slain his master. He cherishes the sword, fore within lies the spirits of the fallen masters of the Temple Gentatsu. The sword never leaves Kenshiro’s left shoulder and is his primary weapon.


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