Remnants of Chaos; a glimpse

One of the featured series we plan to open with, RoC (Remnants of Chaos) goes back to my roots, being the very first series I ever created. It was never really intended to be a manga, originally it was going to be a game.

But about eight years later, its definatly going to be a manga! This one is also done exclusivily by me, I actually didnt know Sean when I made it so long ago… :P

Well here’s a few logos it has had, I’m not sure if I should keep them or just start over.

Link to larger image:  Remnants of Chaos Logo – Design 1 

Something new about Wordpress that I must make a note of…

Any images you see will be small. Do not actually click the image if you want to see it bigger.

I will provide you with a link right below it!

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Please dont forget to credit me if your using it for anything. Thank you.

Link to larger image:  RoC logo design 2

The series itself centered on a corrupted world that is taken over by darkness. Light must shine through in the hero’s chosen by the very planet itself… But maybe it was all just a set up, for darkness to find it’s strongest victims.

More coming soon!


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