Kyodai Character: Andaryu (with weapons)

Asayamoto Andaryu

Andaryu, the younger of the two brothers, starts his journey out in the city of Venholt. After the two brothers leave Dane’s Lake, Andaryu learns of this large city of magic, not too far from his homeland.

He bids his farewell to Kenshiro, and travels to this city to become a bounty hunter. Carring his god-sword, the Yugurega, Andaryu fights crimials and wanted men to make a living. On one of his hunts, he learns about this ancient weapon that holds unfathomable power… the Shukumo Umarikuwari. This legendary katana was said to stop the magic wars thousands of years ago, and it was sealed in an underground temple to protect it. Andaryu sought the blade of Fates, and learned of its ‘true’ legend. The Umarikuwari was said to bring out the Savior of Fate, the one that would stop the future wars of the gods.

Of course, Andaryu obtained this katana, after traversing through the temples dangerous traps and puzzles.

With this blade, his job of hunting became cake. This young warrior had not only a sword from the gods, but a holy katana that was said to halt wars. Andaryu decided that this life was too simple for him… so he decided to take one last hunt.

This time, he went for the most notorious of them all. Andaryu easily took him down, and found a girl about his age, shivering and crying in the alleyway. He simply walked over to her, her cold face covered in tears. Valiantly holding out his hand to her, the second she looked into his eyes they fell in love.

Years apon leaving the city of Venholt, Andaryu and Kareru had become unseperable. Andaryu’s time to reunite with Kenshiro had come, and so, the two meet up again, right after Kenshiro had graduated from Gentatsu Temple. Kenshiro then learns of Valhalla, the War of the Gods, is taking place on a floating continent and could very well decide the fate of Aria.  The young Immortal decides to go to this War, and of course, Andaryu decided to go with him. The two were newcomers to this War, and the Gods simply looked down on these two. How could mortals even make it up here? They all pondered…

Kenshiro became a star in this War of the Gods, quickly making his way up in the ranks. The leading clan in the war, the Pheonix, sent him an invitation to join them. Andaryu, quickly learning this was not his place, put down his arms and told his brother he was going back to the city, and back to his love. Kenshiro smiled, and told him to take the cabin back on Dane’s Lake.

The two parted once again… but for some reason, they both knew that they would see each other again, even if it was in the after life.

~ Years and Years pass

Kenshiro continues to fight in the war, and Andaryu becomes a protecter of peace while living at Dane’s Lake with Kareru, who is now pregnant. Kareru even becomes master of a dojo called Zakura temple, which was built on the other side of Venholt.

One day, Andaryu noticed a man simply standing by the large lake outside of his cabin. He quickly ran out there to see who it was, grabbing his two weapons just in case. “Who are you?” Andaryu shouted at the man. The second the figure turned around, his terrifing gaze struck Andaryu at his core. This man was a god, and he was overflowing with an endless ammount of power.

“What do you know of the sword you hold in those hands, young Andaryu..”

Something about this man simply amazed Andaryu, he was so graceful, just the way he stood there. “What do I know about this sword? Well, all I can say is after twenty years of wielding it, Ive never heard it scream so loud.”
Andaryu charged him full force, bringing the mighty Yugurega down on him, the blade’s edge screaming it’s name. The blow was stopped meters away from it’s target, and all the man did was take a deep breath and Andaryu was blown miles high into the wide open sky.

After agreeing that this man was levels and levels stronger than he was, Andaryu decided that this man definatly knew something that he didnt know. Andaryu laid down his arms and kneeled before this man, showing him that he honored his strength. The man told him to stand, and that he was Andaryu’s real uncle.

The man told him that his parents in the village he was born were simply foster parents, and his real father, Tentaimaru, was actually a God in the past. Tentaimaru was one of the very first Immortals, a race of Gods that wield nearly unlimited power, never really age, and change forms when something drastic happens in there life.

The god-sword Andaryu wielded, The Yugurega, was actually one of Tentaimaru’s swords, and his father decided that his two sons would take two of his swords. “Two sons?” Andaryu studdered back to this man. “Yes, you have a brother Andaryu, and he is too, an Immortal.” Andaryu’s mind was instantly blown, and no wonder he was about 23 and he still felt and looked the same after seven years. “So… where is this brother of mine? Is he still alive?”

“Your father perished long ago Andaryu, but your brother is only a year older than you… and you know him well.”

Andaryu’s eyes widened and he instantly lost his breath. “T-this cant be real… how?”

“Kenshiro… My brother.”

And of course, with that, the man took his leave. He told Andaryu he had been watching over them, and that both of there lives were about to become something that they would never forget. They were just getting started, and in the end, he would stand there with them.

“I am Saifa, young Andaryu… Me and your father were the first two Immortals, and you two will be the last.”

Andaryu smiled as Saifa vanished into the trees, and all he could think about was Kenshiro, and his child that was due in only a few weeks.

Okay! Andaryu’s summary is done! I know that was long but its still not even half way over… theres alot left to tell! The rest of this summary will be explained in the next Story update, but I’ll go ahead and let you all know Andaryu actually ends up having three kids total!

These are all pictures that occur at this time and in the near future. Andaryu FTW! :P

Andaryu’s Weapon(s): Yugurega
Meaning ‘Twilight Fang’

The god-sword Yugurega was an heirloom given to Andaryu by his real father, Lord Tentaimaru. Just like how Kenshiro obtain the Ryukugen, the two brothers wield there swords with honor and devotion. The Yugurega is a large blade that Andaryu carries on his back, and only pulls it out when he faces a worthy foe.

The sword releases a white, smoke-like form of energy when Andaryu uses it in battle. The sword is truly one with Andaryu, and when the sword takes damage Andaryu can even hear it’s scream.

Andaryu’s Weapon(s): Shukumo Umarikuwari
Meaning ‘Fate’s Reincarnation’

Andaryu obtains a powerful katana on his own, just as Kenshiro does at Gentatsu. He uses the ancient weapon in conjunction with his cleaver, combining speed with power. The Umarikuwari is a much faster weapon, and its energy is a bright blue.

Andaryu keeps the katana at his side, and usually uses it at the beginning of a battle to test his opponents power. The young Immortal even mixes the energys of the two weapons together to form a deadly wave of eradication and death. Yeah! Yeah!


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